How to use apple pay

How to use apple pay

With more and more stores implementing electronic card readers making a mobile payment has never been easier.

 Here's how you can set up and use apple pay for next purchase.

 Like an actual wallet you start by adding a credit or debit card. the wallet app on your home screen and tap on the plus symbol on the upper right corner.

I'll be briefed about apple pay and its privacy information top continue to move forward tough on credit or debit card.

CVV Card

CVV Card

Yeah then you prompted to enter your card details manually or by scanning it with your camera and your name and the CVV associated with the card.

Review the terms and conditions page and tap on agree to continue. You will need to grant permission for iPhone to access your location in order to accurately track your purchases.

Verify your card for apple pay by receiving a verification code via phone call or text you can also call your bank for approval.
 Your card should now appear in your apple wallet and be ready for use.

Face iD of Your Apple Phone

When you're playing at a store check if the payment terminal has an apple pay or NC symbol or asked the cashier if this up apple pay we're ready to pay place the backside of your I. phone on the terminal and it will prompt you to confirm your purchase what face ID touch ID or your pen if apple pay doesn't pop up double tap your power plant manually triggered.

Online Shopping Using Apple Pay

 You can also use apple pay for online shopping.Look for apple pay by at the check out and complete your purchase from there. Next time you leave your wallet at home don't worry you have another one in your pocket.

 Did you find this review helpful comment below and let us know or if you know of any alternative methods share in the comments.


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